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We Are Looking For Long-Term Relationship Partners Thruout Europe.

Cheap Transport

With our logistics network we offer cheap transport from our warehouse to our partner location around Europe.


We are fully certified to export our products in Europe and World.


We can fully brand your products with
your label and logo.

Why Choose Us?

In 30 years of experience we constantly deliver high quality products,
we expanded and started exporting in many countries in Europe.

With our partners we gained trust and built strong long-term relationships.


Cotton To Product

We are fully equipped to satisfy you with a high quality product starting from raw cotton, dying the yarn, weaving, sewing, labeling, branding, packing and transporting to your location.


Automated Machines

With our modern automated machines we are capable of delivering large quantities in short period of time.


Quality Assurance

With our team of quality assurance engineers on close watch thru the whole process we create no room for mistakes and constantly deliver high quality products.

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